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Perfect Picnic

Your Perfect Picnic

WestHouse is a proud partner of Perfect Picnic, NYC’s first luxury picnic experience company.

You will be able to enjoy a customized menu of picnics made of the most local, fresh and organic products, every day between 10AM and 4PM.

Central Park Pinic

The Classic Picnic

$35 for two

Our signature European style picnic is ideal for those do-it-yourself picnickers. Enjoy this classic picnic in one of the wonderful spots Manhattan has to offer.



The Central Park Experience

The Central Park Experience

$350 for two

A full service picnic created specifically for WestHouse guests.

A special treat in the heart of Central Park featuring the best meats, cheeses, fresh fruits and crudités New York City has to offer - just for you, as well as a bottle of prosecco. When you arrive at your picnic spot, one of our picnic experts will have everything set up, ready and waiting for you!

The Romantic Basket

$200 for two

Have a romantic picnic basket delivered to your room and find the perfect picnic spot to make your partner feel special. This traditional basket includes a beautifully curated selection of meats, cheeses, olives and jam; as well as a bottle of prosecco. We also placed in your basket a picnic blanket.


The Family Picnic

$150 for two adults and one child ($10 for each additional child)

With its abundance of delicious meats, cheeses and accompaniments, this picnic includes everything you need for the perfect family experience - even a blanket! In order to make the picnic truly perfect, bubbles and a small toy suitable for all ages are also included.