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City Winery Shares Wines to Drink over the Holidays


December is here, which means the countdown to the holidays has officially begun! In anticipation, we chatted with Alexandre Calvi, City Winery’s beverage director, to get his 6 tips about choosing the perfect wines for the holidays, and complementing your festive meal.


Go for strong, earthy wines

“As the season starts to show fall vegetables and flavors in the kitchen are getting stronger and earthier, the wines should follow. Whites wines aged in oak, such as Marsanne based or Viognier, are a good pairing. If you are looking for a red, try a light earthy wine like Beaujolais from France or Dolcetto d'Alba from Italy.” 


At dinners, keep it classic with pinot noir

“When looking for a traditional wine to pair with your holiday meal, pinot noir from Oregon or California are the usual suspects.”


Or buck tradition with a vintage port

Vintage ports are amazing with gravy and all the sauces that are served along the main dish.


Pair bubbles with dessert

“With sweets, bubbles are great! Sparkling rose offers a great acidity and a nice fizz.”


Look for something rich 

Steer clear of light, crisp wines. They aren’t generally rich enough to pair with holiday meals.


When in doubt...go for champagne

“Champagne is synonymous with celebration!”


Want to learn more about wine? WestHouse just launched an exclusive partnership with City Winery, allowing WestHouse residents to enjoy private tours and tastings at City Winery.