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Four Reasons to Pinknic


If the mantra “rosé all day” resonates with you, there’s a good chance that the Pinknic festival is right up your alley. Started in 2016, the Pinknic festival has quickly become a cherished New York City summer tradition and celebration of music, food, and all things pink (yes, that includes rosé). This year’s celebration promises to the biggest yet as the festival moves to Randall’s Island Park (just a 35-minute cab ride from WestHouse). The extra space will allow for more guests, more gourmet eats and a second stage for the anticipated musical acts. If you’re debating whether or not to attend, here are four reasons to consider:

The Pastel Colored Drinks

Fans of rosé understand the appeal of a festival catered to the ideal summer wine. After all, rosé is light, refreshing and the perfect hue for that post you’ve been planning (we’re talking to you, Instagram fiends). At Pinknic, there’s plenty of rosé and rose colored drinks to go around. Choose between five different types of rosé, include frosé and sparkling rosé, and rose colored gin and hard cider. Not a fan of the pink colored drink? Don’t worry, there’s some good options for you, too.

The Food Garden

Good food at festivals isn’t always a given. In fact, most seasoned festival-goers can probably recall a traumatic memory or two of eating a cheese sandwich for dinner or debating whether or not to consume that undercooked hot dog. But at Pinknic the food garden proudly represents the diverse and delicious food scene of New York City. And with a larger food garden at this year’s venue, there will be even more variety to choose from. Expect popular vendors like Mission Ceviche, Ramen Burger, San Mateo Pizzeria, and Doughnuttery.

The Live Jams

More space at this year’s festival means more music. With two live stages at this year’s event, attendees can pick and choose their favorite artists each day of the festivities. Plan to dance the day and night away to world renowned DJs and favorite artists like Chromeo, Mark Ronson, Breakbot, Brasstracks and more.

Pool parties, stellar views and fireworks!

Plan to take a break from the music? Relax in between sets at the VIP pool lounge or Les Cabines pool area. Want to take capture the beauty of the festival’s new location? Snap a picture with your friends dressed in pink and white by the views of the river. Plus, when the fun is all over and done, celebrate with a fireworks extravaganza at sunset. What better way to close out the weekend of a lifetime?