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Westhouse Your House

Hotel Manager Bassim Ouachani on the WestHouse Experience

WestHouse Hotel  offers the ultimate luxury hospitality experience inviting leisure and business travelers alike to make WestHouse, Your house. At the helm, Hotel Manager Bassim Ouachani, ensures our residential-style hotel provides an unforgettable experience that is both one-of-a-kind and personal.

Guests, referred to as residents, immediately start to relax and unwind upon arrival as they enter the private Art Deco inspired lobby offering an atmosphere of exclusivity filled with scents of amber along with a welcoming team.

Ouachani’s favorite destination outside of New York is Dubai—“the richness of it, the high level of service dedicated to you and the attention to detail. These are qualities I appreciate and strive to bring every day here at WestHouse.” With his team of  luxury-hospitality veterans, Ouachani has meticulously curated a portfolio of thoughtful services and amenities that complement the hotel’s residential-like guest rooms and suites modeled off that personal service dedication.

Residents make themselves at home in The Den, our private living room off the lobby. “Order the Oldie But Goodie,” Ouachani says. “It’s our craft cocktail with 1821 Bitters, Solbeso cacao and orange peels served on the rocks.” The Terrace, our indoor/outdoor living room is where Residents can make themselves an espresso or pour a glass of wine and indulge in afternoon treats. “There are no interferences up here,” says Ouchani.

“Residents can say, ‘Okay, I’m at home’ and feel totally at ease.” We invite you to make WestHouse, Your House. @WestHouseNY #WestHouseYourHouse