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Inside the Artist’s Process




Ever wondered what it was like inside an artist’s mind before they’ve put the finishing strokes on their watercolor, or said the final lines of a play? Anna Craycroft’s exhibit entitled, ‘Motion Into Being’, gives its visitors a first-hand glimpse into the artist’s working process.

Craycroft’s display at the New Museum, where she is currently an artist-in-residence, aims to explore the definition of personhood through the production of an animated film. But during the stages of creating the film, Craycroft has transformed the entire fifth floor gallery into an active stage for the production.

As visitors enter the room, they’re able to physically step onto her working set and experience the developmental stages of her work. It’s a remarkable opportunity unlike most gallery visits. Imagine a ceramicist inviting each museum-goer to take a peek inside their kiln, or a photographer welcoming you into their darkroom.

During museum hours, visitors can sift through Craycroft’s research and materials. When the museum closes, Craycroft continues to create and shoot the film. In practice, Craycroft is working to answer what it means to qualify personhood in a time when corporations and animals are treated as people. In reality, she has created a living space where everyone is granted equal agency.