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WestHouse's Holiday Décor: The Inside Story


It’s the holiday season in New York, and the entire city is getting into the spirit. From Rockefeller Center to the window displays of Fifth Avenue, Christmas decorations have transformed familiar attractions into winter wonderlands.

WestHouse is celebrating as well, partnering with Brittany Asch and her new floral design company BRRCH to deck its halls with the best of yuletide décor.

“When we were asked to do Christmas décor, the first thing that come to mind for me was the Nutcracker at the New York City ballet,” says Asch. “The colors are so festive, and I love all of the velvet and theatrical elements. I wanted to merge that classic Christmas story with this New York hotel.”

To do so, she used used oversized bows and ornaments, gilded garlands and olive wreaths. Around 130 ornaments adorn the eight-foot Christmas tree, which hails from a private farm in New Jersey. Lining the den, 75 feet of garlands hang in a grand fashion. And outside, oversized wreaths that took a full two days to make welcome guests to Westhouse.

WestHouse is BRRCH’s first hotel collaboration. “People in a hotel over Christmas want to feel at home. And what more than Christmas decorations can make you feel at home?” she muses.

WestHouse's Holiday Décor: The Inside Story