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“The Present” on Broadway at Ethel Barrymore Theatre

01/08/2017 - 03/19/2017

Expectations are already high for The Present which marks Cate Blanchett’s and Richard Roxburgh’s Broadway debuts. The story—an Andrew Upton adaptation of an early Anton Checkhov work—takes place in a country house set in late 20th-century Russia. At the center of the story are Anna Petrovna (Blanchett), a widow, and Platonov (Roxburgh) a razor-edged school teacher. Petrovna is hosting a dinner party for her 40th birthday, and the events that unfold take place over the course of the evening soiree. Prepare for a tense, funny, and remarkably familiar three hours with lots of vodka and typical Checkhov nostalgia.


Tickets are available from $79 to $149, and can be purchased at The Present’s official website.