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Andrew's Favorite Sports Bars for Watching the Super Bowl




For sports fans, the first week of February is dominated by hot wings, packed bars and important game-day rituals. Even non-aficionados get pumped for the Super Bowl with the expectation of a blowout halftime performance and a flurry of the year’s best commercials. 


Andrew, a WestHouse staff member and avid sports fan, has spent years scouring the city for the best bars to watch the big game: “The key is to find a bar or restaurant with a low screen-to-person ratio, plenty of in-house snacks, and tons of seating.” 


With years of game-watching under his belt, Andrew has collected the ultimate list of bars perfect for the big day.


Pinks, East Village

“The retro vibe at Pinks is a great choice for the Super Bowl. They usually sell tickets for the event which means you have to plan in advance, but the advantage is guaranteed seating, an open bar, and plenty of viewing room.” 


Eli’s Night Shift, Upper East Side 

“Eli’s has an awesome selection of craft beers, if that’s what you’re into. They usually show the game on one jumbo screen, so there aren’t as many viewing options, but the beer and food menu make this a worthy Super Bowl spot.”


Bowery Bay Bar, Queens 

“I love the Super Bowl party at Bowery Bay. They host an indoor tailgate party with free sliders and tacos and have some great drink specials until the end of the night. Prepare for the $1 shots at halftime, which gets pretty dangerous depending on who’s performing the drinking games that follow.”  


Syndicated, Brooklyn

“The entry price at Syndicated is a lot higher than most restaurants and bars, but if you take the game seriously and want the best viewing experience possible, this is the place to go. There’s an open bar and big screens in both their general and theater areas. If you’re going in a group, reserve booth tickets to guarantee you get seating.” 


Handcraft, Gramercy

“For the food-focused game watchers, Handcraft is the perfect spot. The $1 wings and half-priced appetizers are well worth the ticket price. Everything on the menu is insanely good.”