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The Best Winter Museum Exhibitions


New York is home to some of the greatest museums in the world. While the collections at The Met, MoMA, Whitney, and other acclaimed museums attract visitors every day, wintertime is perhaps the best time of the year to escape the cold weather outside and see these renowned museums in person. When you need a break from winter’s snow-covered magic, go inside and get warm at one of these highly anticipated exhibitions.

Mapplethorpe Now at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Last year marked the 60th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s building for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on 5th Avenue (just a twenty-minute cab ride from WestHouse). Since first opening its doors in 1959, this museum has become an icon both for its visionary collections as well as for its architectural prowess. The exhibit, Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now, will run through January 5th and showcase the works of one of the most critically acclaimed and controversial American artists of the past century. Discover the wide range of this artist’s practice as well as the complex legacy he has imprinted in the field of contemporary art.

Making Marvels at The Met

On display through March 1st, Making Marvels is an immense exhibition of the treasured objects held by European royals from the mid-sixteenth through eighteenth centuries—with a particular focus on the scientific and technological theories and inventions of their time. Get a glimpse of these royal possessions to better understand how they informed the culture, royal policies, and political framework of the period.

Manet: Three Paintings from the Norton Simon Museum at the Frick Collection

Though regarded as one of the more controversial painters of his time, the work of Éduoard Manet is now considered pivotal to the success of the modernist art movement. To see three distinct views of the artist’s life and work, visit his current exhibition at The Frick (running through January 5th). These three paintings (on loan from the collection of the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California) will serve as a colorful biography of the artist’s personal and professional development.

Nature at Cooper Hewitt

How can today’s designers look to the future to find new materials and fabrication techniques that take climate change into consideration? The latest exhibit at Cooper Hewitt showcases exactly how designers are forging new meaningful connections with nature and the planet’s properties and resources. This design triennial exhibition is presented on two floors, the larger of which will be open to the public through January 12th and the smaller of which will be open through January 20th.