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5 Ways to Get Around New York That Isn’t by Taxi or Subway


5 Ways to Get Around New York That Isn’t by Taxi or Subway


When it comes to exploring New York City, the journey is just as exciting as the destination — if not more. Instead of relying on a taxi or waiting for the subway to get around, try these alternative methods of transportation. They’ll turn even the smallest excursions into unforgettable adventures.


1. Go by bicycle.

At first, the thought of weaving through the busy streets of New York on two wheels might seem daunting. But the city is incredibly cyclist-friendly; there are a growing number of bike lanes on streets, in parks, and along bridges. You can rent a bicycle at , conveniently located near the hotel. Just be sure to wear a helmet! WestHouse recently partnered with Fancy Apple bike rental with a new location just outside our front doors. Our location so close to Time Square and Central Park makes having bikes at your fingertips the best way to explore the city. 


2. Take the tram.

If a helicopter ride isn’t in your budget, don’t fret. When you take the Roosevelt Island Tram, you can still see the city from way up in the sky. The trip, which costs the same as a one-way subway ride, is guaranteed to be one of the most thrilling experiences of your trip.


3. Travel by boat.

Rather than taking the subway (and fighting rush hour people traffic), cruise into your destination above ground in style. NYC Ferry routes will brighten up your trip to Brooklyn and beyond, while the Staten Island Ferry offers wonderful views of the harbor. Want to make a day of it? Board one of the city’s many boat cruises. There architecture tours, dinner cruises, and more.


4. Hop on a bus tour.

Who says transportation can’t be educational? A bus tour is the perfect way to get around the Big Apple while also taking in its sights and history. Many tours, like Big Bus New York, offer packages so you can hop on and hop off as often as you’d like. With a little bit of extra planning and studying the different map routes, you can even use the bus tour as your primary mode of transportation.


5. When in doubt, walk.

New York is the greatest walking city in the world, and nothing compares to seeing it on foot. Walking opens your eyes to all the details that make the city so special: the people, the architecture, the vibrant street life. Once you get a feel for Manhattan’s numbered grid system, you’ll be navigating the streets like a local. Don’t forget your walking shoes!