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There are many advantages to staying in the heart of Midtown, chief among which is your proximity to some of the top attractions and cultural institutions the city has to offer. It’s easy to explore New York’s finest museums, restaurants and shops when you’re just walking distance from their front doors. But come holiday time, there’s an additional advantage to being in the center of it all: the holiday window displays of Fifth Avenue.

New York City is known for the spectacular holiday window displays that start dazzling the streets of Fifth Avenue just after (and sometimes before) Thanksgiving. When you stay at WestHouse, you’re just steps away from some of the most magnificent window displays in the country. Though you can never predict which designs will appear that year, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite display locations from years past. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and a warm cup of cocoa and you’ll be ready to take a stroll down Fifth Avenue and make the most of this magical season.

Bergdorf Goodman

Located on the northern end of Fifth Avenue’s window display stretch and just a ten minute walk from WestHouse, Bergdorf Goodman is an excellent place to start your tour of holiday window displays. Renowned year-after-year for its extravagant designs and meticulous attention to detail, this year’s display is sure to set the bar high. Last year’s theme, #BergdorfGoodies, included creative candy decorations styled to look like high-fashion scenes.

Louis Vuitton

After Bergdorf’s, walk half-a-block south to gaze at this year’s display from Louis Vuitton. Last year’s theme included a re-imagining of the holiday tree and also showcased a collaboration with artist Jeff Koons, including ‘Gazing Ball Sculptures’ and fine-art inspired installations.

Tiffany & Co

Just across the street from Louis Vuitton you’ll find this year’s display from Tiffany’s, one of the most acclaimed jewelry brands on Fifth Avenue. In fact, after Audrey Hepburn’s iconic scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the store has become one of the most beloved destinations for window gazing in the world. Knowing the attention their windows attract at this time of year, the designers at Tiffany’s plan out their themes and sets one year in advance—so you can count on eye-catching and jaw-dropping whimsical, creative and dramatic designs from their windows.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Continue your walk south towards Saks Fifth Avenue, between 49th and 50th streets. This year’s display theme is inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2 and should be particularly exciting for younger holiday window gazers. Expect snow-covered enchanted forests, theatrical lighting and cavernous landscapes for the retailer’s wrap-around display windows.