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How Jessica Experiences Silence in the City


How Jessica Experiences Silence in the City


“I’m a city girl through and through, but sometimes living in New York feels like you’re stuck in a hamster wheel that’s loud, crowded, and always moving.” Jessica from housekeeping is a native New Yorker with a penchant for cubano sandwiches and a wide, infectious smile. She’s lived in the city her entire life and understands how precious and rare those moments of quiet can be. Naturally, she’s become the in-house expert for finding solitude in the city that never sleeps. When asked about what silence means to her, she responds with a grin: “Silence is the secret to a great day.”

Here’s how Jessica experiences silence in the city:


Surrounded by Relics

“The museums in New York get pretty crowded, but you can find some quiet rooms, especially in the bigger buildings. If you know where to go, and more importantly, when to go, you can sit in silence and enjoy the art all to yourself. My favorite is the Egyptian Exhibition at the Met at around 5pm. If you go during the weekday you can sit until closing and watch the sun go down.” 


Surrounded by Books

“Finding quiet in a library is a no-brainer, because in most of them the silence is enforced! The flagship New York Public Library is a good go-to because of its size and sheer beauty, but my favorite is the smaller Poets House in Rockefeller Park. It’s well hidden from the rest of the city and there’s plenty of space to sit, work, or read some poems. ” 


Surrounded by Stone 

“I absolutely love The Cloisters. It’s just a half-an-hour subway ride from midtown, but when you’re there you feel like you’re miles away. Walking the park grounds early in the morning is incredibly peaceful. Since it’s also a museum, you can tour the exhibit rooms, but I come here for the park grounds. Well, the medieval architecture and the park grounds.”


Surrounded by Aqueducts

“This one’s technically outside of the city, but if you’re willing to travel, the Old Croton Trail is beautiful. My family and I take the Metro North train to Ossining and walk the trails when we want a full day of nature. We’ve even seen deer and other wildlife while on the trails - it’s definitely a retreat from the city.”