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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of BBQ


There are few things in life that go together as well as summertime and barbeque. Though barbeque is the expected staple during Fourth of July weekend festivities, it’s also the one of the go-to snacks all summer long. And while most of us associate barbeque with suburban cookouts, there are plenty of opportunities to feast on this American treat right here in NYC. Whether you prefer grilled veggies or slow-roasted meats, here are our top picks for finding your next plate of barbeque.

Virgil’s Real BBQ

Looking for that authentic Southern style BBQ? Look no further than Virgil’s Real BBQ, located just a quick 13-minute walk from WestHouse, near Times Square. With paper placemats and generous portion-sizes, every true barbeque fan will feel right at home in this restaurant. Specializing in slow-cooked meats, all of Virgil’s meats are smoked for up to ten hours with special blends of hickory, oak and fruit woods, creating a flavorful and incredibly tender result.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Hardcore barbeque fans may recognize this award-winning spot by name. With over five locations in the Tri-state area, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que has attracted a cult following in recent years for its distinctive spice blends and high-quality meats. If you’re curious to see why Dinosaur was named “Number One BBQ in the country” on Good Morning America, take a 20-minute cab from WestHouse to its Harlem location underneath the Riverside Drive viaduct at 125th street.

Hometown Bar-B-Que

Getting to Hometown’s location in Red Hook won’t be quick, but the expertly smoked brisket will be worth the trip. Take a cab or subway car to this Brooklyn mecca for barbeque that was recently recommended by the Michelin Guide. The Texas style menu has classic options like housemade sausage and smoked brisket and more globally inspired dishes like their Vietnamese hot wings or Korean sticky ribs with cashews and scallions. Either way, every dish is guaranteed to be finger-licking good.

Jongro’s BBQ

Want to put an international spin on your next plate of barbeque? Try Jongro’s Korean BBQ in Koreatown, just a twenty-minute cab ride from WestHouse. Jongro’s uses only fresh meat butchered in-house (not always the standard in Korean BBQ joints), so regardless of what you order you know you’ll be getting the freshest cut. All dishes are marinated to order and cooked at the table, adding a fun and entertaining element to the dining experience. Their most popular dish is the beef platter, complete with brisket, skirt steak, ribeye and kalbi (marinated Korean short ribs). Just make sure you and your guests bring a hearty appetite.

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ

With five locations in Manhattan alone, it’s easy to see what makes Mighty Quinn’s Texas-Carolina barbeque so popular: high-quality, all-natural meats that are slow smoked over oak and served with reliably good sides. Head to the nearest branch in midtown (just a ten-minute cab ride away from WestHouse) and try their pulled pork or Brontosaurus ribs with a side of burnt-end baked beans and sweet potato casserole.