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New York’s Best Steakhouses

If there’s a better way to say “Happy Father’s Day” than a big steak dinner, we haven’t found it. After an elegant brunch at A Voce, part of our exclusive Father's Day package, you'll want to treat him to a special dinner. Thankfully, New York City has its fair share of quality steakhouses, from classic to modern to a little more unexpected. Here are a few of WestHouse’s favorites:

American Cut: The New Classic

Iron Chef Marc Forgione recently opened this handsome Tribeca dining room, with glossy wooden tables, Art Deco chandeliers, sleek black leather booths and inlaid marble floors. The dishes are just as over-the-top as the room: The pastrami-spiced rib eye steak topped with caraway butter comes to mind. Other plates, like the New York strip steak, are delightfully simple, although you dress it up with an egg, bacon or even an entire lobster.

The Old Homestead: The Original

A New York institution, the Old Homestead is one of the city’s oldest restaurants, serving steaks in the Meatpacking District since 1868. (Traditionalists love the dark wood-paneled walls and old-school carpeting). Nobody leaves the Old Homestead hungry: Slabs of perfectly charred sirloins barely fit on the plates, and when you see words like “colossal” on the menu, believe them.

St. Anselm: The Steakhouse That Doesn’t Know It’s a Steakhouse

This Williamsburg spot serves some of the best cuts in the city, but refuses to call itself a steakhouse, preferring “neighborhood place.” But we aren’t fooled: The steaks come off the grill and are served without fanfare (no lobster-toppers here). Most dishes come off the restaurant’s massive grill: the cauliflower, the clams and even the tomatoes in the Caprese salad. Owner Joe Carroll’s just-released cookbook, Feeding the Fire, can help you bring his grill techniques back home. LINK TO AMAZON PAGE?

M. Wells: The Reason You’ll Go to Long Island City

Honestly, we’d consider traveling across the country for the tomahawk chop from M. Wells. Luckily it’s just across the East River. Like all cuts at this back-to-basics restaurant, the tomahawk is made of grass-fed beef and cooks on a wood fire. It’s also one of the juiciest ribeyes we’ve ever encountered. Sides and appetizers are delicious, too—try the French onion soup with bone marrow. The New York Times called M. Wells’s owners the only two people in New York who knew how to “fix” the city’s obsession with “fastidious and fussy” steakhouses. Perfect for unfussy dads.

Dylan Prime: The Sweet Tooth’s Favorite

Yes, this Tribeca steakhouse serves top quality meats—we could wax lyrical about the 28-day dry-aged Chateaubriand for two. But in a city full of steakhouses, Dylan Prime distinguishes itself with its attention to dessert. We love the pecan praline cheesecake, which comes with dulce de leche gelato and just the right amount of butterscotch sauce. Photo courtesy of Wally Gobetz.