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Trick-Or-Treating for Adults: NYC’s Best Candy Shops


Photo by @sockerbitnyc.

This Halloween weekend, as children scoop up mini Snickers bars, adults in New York can visit one of these incredibly new sweet shops.


Photo by @antoniaerlandsson.

The Scoop: This Las Vegas-style brasserie draws a celebrity crowd for its elaborate brunches. The New York outpost proved so popular that it recently moved into a larger spot in the Meatpacking district.

What to Get: The menu is loaded with decadent choices—not all of them sweet, although we don’t know why you’d order French onion soup when you could get the King Kong Sundae: The 24 scoops of ice cream are covered with hot fudge, caramel and strawberry sauces, bananas, toasted marshmallows and toasted walnuts.


Photo by @jclair24.

The Scoop: The Beverly Hills-based candy store has opened its first East Coast branch at the Time Warner Center. The boutique, filled with chocolates, gummies and more, is a celebrity favorite, so expect New York’s A-Listers to follow suit.

What to Get: Champagne & gold gummi bears—a pretty (if frivolous) take on this childhood favorite, at $100.


Photo by @sockerbitnyc.

The Scoop: The Swedes, it turns out, make far more candies than their namesake Swedish fish. Here, Florence Baras and Steffan Ernberg sell hard candy and licorice, most of which are made in Sweden using native ingredients.

What to Get: The licorice mix box—it’s a great sampler of the sweet and salty treat.


Photo by @lilacchocolates.

The Scoop: Li-Lac has been winning the hearts of New Yorkers since it opened in 1923 with its traditional chocolate shaped with elaborate molds, all handmade in Brooklyn. The brand’s fervent fan base is flocking to the brand-new flagship store in Greenwich Village.

What to Get: We love the seasonal molds, like the oddly charming witch.

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