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The Art of Baking: Why You Need to Try Sweets by NYC’s Mini Melanie


Ahead of this year’s Frieze New York art festival, we’re looking at art from many angles—from contemporary pieces at the new Met Breuer to high-design pastries.


New York-based Melanie Moss grew up baking with her grandmother and exploring her colorful jewelry box. In 2013, after working in the Michelin-starred kitchens at Babbo and Blue Hill, she opened Mini Melanie, selling nostalgic desserts with bold, artistic exteriors.


WestHouse New York is offering Mini Melanie custom truffles to guests who book our Frieze like a VIP package. The truffles inspired by iconic artists will be provided at turndown service during the art fair.


Jackson Pollock

Dark chocolate and chocolate coconut with a blue, champagne, silver and green splatter design.


Georgia O’Keefe

White chocolate, lemon and vanilla with a pink peony, cranberry and gold floral circle design.


Andy Warhol

Milk chocolate and chocolate chip pound cake with a peony, silver and sapphire lines design.


Burgoyne Diller

White chocolate and vanilla with a black, orange and blue dot design.


Mini Melanie is a recommended bakery in the 2016 New York City Michelin guide. Shop the full collection on the Mini Melanie website, or visit them in person (appointment early) at Hill & Dale bar on the Lower East Side on Monday through Friday from 10am until 5pm.


Mini Melanie: 115 Allen St., 347-776-6779