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NYC’s Most Popular Workout Classes


NYC’s Most Popular Workout Classes


The fitness scene in New York City is constantly changing. There’s always a popular new yoga, dance-based, or strength-training exercise class to try. Or sometimes, there’s a brand-new kind of workout entirely. Switching up your workout routine and trying different things always yields the best results, so try these popular classes that’ll motivate you to push past your limits. Most of these studios offer a deal on your first class — why not try them all?


Signature FHIX at The Fhitting Room

Crossfit meets boot camp at The Fhitting Room, a boutique fitness studio specializing in HIIT workouts, or high-intensity interval training. The studio’s Signature FHIX class, which stands for Functional High Intensity Mix, promises 50 minutes of strength straining, functional movements, and high intensity intervals. If you like quick, intense bursts of exercise with short recovery periods, this is the workout for you. Class sizes are small, and results are huge.


Box + Flow

The Box + Flow workout name says it all: box first, flow second. The 50-minute class begins with a shadowbox warmup, heats up with rumble rounds, and ends with fast-paced flow yoga. It might sound strange to mix two completely different workout styles, but every warrior needs a little flow in their fight. Come for the workout, stay for the energizing soundtrack.


BlacklightSpark at YogaSpark

If you’re looking for a yoga class that’s all flow and little fight, try BlacklightSpark at YogaSpark. Awaken your seven chakras in a dark room lit entirely by black lights. BlacklightSpark is a fun twist on traditional hot yoga that still delivers results. Wear white or neon to get the full black light effect!



Seeing orange has never felt so good. Orangetheory is a unique group workout class that closely monitors your heart rate. In fact, when you wear the provided heart rate monitor, you’ll see your real-time results displayed on screens in the studio. This way, trainers can give you the feedback you need to maximize results. The biggest draw of Orangetheory? Put in one hour of work, and you’ll continue to burn calories for 36. Ah, the sweet taste of the afterburn.


Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club

It’s official: Spinning is out, and running is in. Dash 28 is 28 minutes of structured interval running, then 10 minutes of power training with kettle bells. It’s a group fitness class, but without the competitive feel that other similar classes have. Everyone is encouraged to run at their own pace and to set their own personal records. Dash 28 is so much more than a class — it’s a running club!