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Thankful in the City


Thankful In the City

New York City brims with holiday cheer at this time of year, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Though most of us are used to celebrating the holiday at home, putting a city-spin on the day can be a welcome and festive change of pace.

With so many events to choose from, spending Thanksgiving in New York can feel like going Christmas shopping in Santa’s workshop - it can be hard to know which event or dinner will be right for your celebration.

We asked WestHouse member Sarah how she and her family celebrate Thanksgiving in the city: “This is my family’s third Thanksgiving in New York in a row, and we are all looking forward to it. The ritual started when I first moved to the city, and we’ve been keeping it up ever since.”

Watch the Parade Balloons Inflate

“Our newest tradition is to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons inflate. On the evening before turkey day, my family and I head to the grounds of the American Museum of Natural History to see our favorite figures inflate before the big day. It’s less hectic than the parade itself, but still holds much of the same excitement and anticipation. Plus, seeing the balloons the night before gives us more time the next day for meaningful activities.”

Volunteer at FeedingNYC

“Giving back is central to my family’s celebration of Thanksgiving. On the morning of, we head to Chelsea Piers to volunteer with FeedingNYC to help package, organize and distribute thanksgiving meals to families in need. They make it easy to register and it’s always a rewarding experience that sets an incredibly thankful tone for the rest of the holiday.”

Feast without the Clean-up

“Unsurprisingly, the heart of day is always the Thanksgiving meal. There are so many options right in midtown that offer feast-worthy fare, but our current favorite is Casa Lever. They put an Italian-American spin on the menu (perfect for my Italian-American family) that is oh-so dependably delicious and will easily slip you into a happy food coma. Just be sure to make a reservation ahead of time.” 

Skate at Bryant Park Winter Village

“After an early Thanksgiving meal, we like to make our way to the ice rink at Bryant Park. Given how much we usually eat at dinner, it feels so good to take a long walk through the city. When we arrive at the festively lit Winter Village, we’ll go for a skate around the rink or visit the holiday shops and grab a cup of cocoa. Either way, it’s the perfect way to close out the holiday.”