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Unique New York Eats


There are countless places, landmarks and people that make New York unique. No other city has the Empire State Building, Central Park and the famous theaters of Broadway (all of which are walking distance from WestHouse, by the way). But there’s an often overlooked element that also contributes to the uniqueness of New York: its food. Of course, the city is known as much for its acclaimed four-star restaurants as it is for its burgeoning food-truck scene, but there are also a number of unexpectedly delicious, yet strange culinary experiments that mark New York’s modern food culture. 

If you’re an adventurous traveler, be sure to take note of our favorite unique New York eats listed below. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or an extremely curious palette, these one-of-a-kind eateries are sure to satisfy your appetite. 

Pickle Soft Serve, Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.

Foodies across the nation have witnessed the pickling sensation that’s taken the world by storm over the past five years. But Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.’s pickle soft serve takes the craze to a whole new level. Whether you’re genuinely curious to know what pickle soft serve tastes like (it’s cucumber flavor overpowers the pickle juice, we promise), or you’re in it for the bizarrely wonderful instagram that will delight and confuse your followers, this one-of-a-kind culinary experience delivers. Just take a fifteen-minute cab ride from WestHouse to Lucky Pickle’s Upper West Side location to experience this brine-forward dessert. 


Cronut, Dominique Ansel Bakery

We know what you’re thinking: this hybrid dessert has already made its way into the trendiest bakeries across the US! And you’re absolutely right. Nowadays, you can find a cronut in almost every cosmopolitan city, but there’s only one place where the half-croissant, half-donut was originally invented: you guessed it, New York City. Famed baker Dominique Ansel invented this extremely popular dessert hybrid back in 2013. The cronut debuted at his Spring Street bakery, so if you want to try the cronut on the same grounds where it first entered the American lexicon, take a 30-minute subway ride down to Soho and prepare for buttery, flaky, pastry-heaven.


Pastrami Egg Roll, RedFarm

Where else can you find a dish that proudly blends two very distinct cultures and cuisines without irony or derision? RedFarm’s pastrami egg roll (formerly called Katz’s pastrami egg roll, after the iconic Katz’s Delicatessen) accomplishes just that. It takes everything you know and love about a New York style pastrami sandwich, and wraps it up and fries it in egg roll form. Head to their Upper West Side location on Amsterdam Ave (just a twelve-minute cab ride from WestHouse) to try this New York take on the classic Chinese delicacy.


The Monster, Sarge’s Deli

Sarge’s Delicatessen and Diner has been serving New York with authentic Jewish food for fifty-five years. Known for its heartwarming fare, like the pastrami sandwich and matzo ball soup, Sarge’s is probably best known for “The Monster”: New York’s biggest sandwich. Standing at 12 inches tall, “The Monster” is a meat lover’s dream with slices of corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, turkey and salami served on thick rye bread. At $49.95, you’ll try your best to eat your money’s worth of delicious deli meats.